Our traditions matter to us. To help you learn more about YMCA Camp Bernie, we’ve compiled a sample list of Bernie-isms that will help you to “speak the language” of Camp Bernie. Once you’ve visited our property, you become a part of our family. This will help you feel right at home from the minute you arrive.


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Flagpole: Center of camp and a place where we sing songs, begin activities or classes and spend time together.

The Nation: Rustic area next to the mini-bikes field; older boys use these cabins during our traditional overnight camp.

The Pavilion: An all-purpose location for meeting space, cookouts, dances, rainy day activities and much more.

F & E: Stands for “food and equipment” during summer camp. Refers to a location at camp where tents and other camping equipment is stored for use by our summer campers.

BSDAT: Stands for “Bernie Sensory Development & Awareness Trail”. A class taught year round that allows participants to explore their five senses.

ASE: Stands for “Active Socialization Experience”. A class taught year round that emphasizes team building and group initiatives. We now have two ASE courses at camp; among the challenges available are “Electric Fence”, “Helicopter Rescue” and “Crocogator Crossing”. You’ll have to visit us to learn more!

Wild, Wild West: One of our more popular summer all camp day programs, we annually turn camp into the old west- full of creative booths, cowboys and bandits. This is a summer highlight, to say the least. Other all camp days include Intergalactic Space Odyssey, Greco-Roman Paloooza, Color Wars and Medieval Mayhem. 

Five Year Paddle: Campers (and staff) that attend our summer program for five years receive a special canoe paddle, painted with their name and other decorations. We also award paddles to international staff for 3 years of employment and 10 year “double” paddles for a decade of participation at camp!

Point Mountain: A popular year-round activity at camp is the hike to Point Mountain. A scenic 935 foot overlook allows you to view the Musconetcong River Valley below. During Outdoor Education classes, we will often read “The Lorax” by Dr. Suess at the top.

The Golden Arrow: A prestigious award given to the highest scoring camper at archery at the end of each session.



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