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Delaware River Trip

One of our favorite traditions at overnight camp is the Delaware River Trip, which takes place the first Thursday & Friday of each 13 day session.


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Our 12 year old boys and girls take this trip through the water gap, putting in at Dingman’s Ferry and taking out at Smithfield Beach.
The kids are fully prepped for their trip through lessons in tent set-up, camping skills and paddling practice, of course. This even includes the ever popular “tippy test”, which requires each camper to tip a canoe on Camp Bernie pond, and practice “T-rescues” where the swamped canoe is passed over an upright canoe to drain the water. This is just about the only time in which a typical camper gets to enjoy a dip in Camp Bernie pond!
The water gap offers breathtaking beauty and great adventure for our campers. Certainly there have been kids over the years that are nervous and reluctant to go on the trip, but they almost always return with a universal feeling that the trip was fun, challenging and memorable. The national park service website for the water gap has some interesting nature facts; here are a few to leave you with (visit to learn more!)
  • Shad have made a comeback in the Delaware thanks to pollution control. These herring family fish live in the ocean, but return to rivers and streams to spawn.
  • Hemlock groves are threatened in the Del Water Gap, due to an invasive insect known as the “hemlock wooly adelgid”. Unfortunately, the hemlock trees are important to the habitat, as it provides much needed shade for trout and rhododendron trees.
  • The Appalachian trail runs through 25 miles of the Del Water Gap, and the overall trail runs from Georgia to Maine.
  • The middle Delaware river actually exceeds Federal clean water standards. As a result, protection of this fresh water source is ensured through higher standards and rules for usage.
  • The water gap is home to many species of wildlife, including foxes, coyotes, bobcats, black bears, deer, owls, otters and six different kinds of bats!


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