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Five Classes and Activities You Might Be Missing at Camp Bernie

YMCA Camp Bernie is proud to offer a diverse array of Outdoor Education and Environmental Education classes; while many of our guests are familiar with our core activities, our menu of choices includes some hidden gems.


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When planning your next trip to camp, consider trying something new! As always, our curriculum options are customizable to meet the specific objectives and goals of each individual trip. Here is a brief description of some of these classes, call us to learn more: 
Through an exploration of our outdoor classroom, students will recognize the two types of forests located in this area, deciduous and coniferous. They will identify a diversity of local trees and shrubs and understand that forests are homes to many types of wildlife. Additionally, they will learn about how forests provide us with many valuable things, recognizing them as a vital part of our environment. 
Typically combined with a walk to Point Mountain, students will spend three hours hiking with an extended visit to this historical site. Our instructors will then lead the students to explore the cemetery, seeking answers to questions such as: “There are many small stones…just what could they be? Infants or poor people or neither of these? What are they?”. Students will learn about the cemetery, the surrounding town and even some spooky ghost stories associated with this site. In the process, they will gain an appreciation for the intrigue of local history. 
Through direct observation of and experience in the natural world, students will gain an understanding of what a habitat is, what organisms need from their habitat, how animals adapt to their habitat, and techniques animals use to “share” their habitat, thereby creating a balance. Students will locate and explore different habitats around the Camp Bernie property and discuss their different characteristics. Using a combination of games, activities, and discussion, the instructor will facilitate this learning. As always, learning is hands on and fun with our approach. 
In this amazing class, students will define what adaptations are and the reasons for their development. They will understand what adaptations the owl possesses and the reasons for their development. Then, through the dissections of real owl pellets, students will comprehend the basics of the owl’s digestive system, particularly learning how and why pellets are created. 
Ever wonder what it is like to be a rabbit? A bear? A mountain lion? This activity assigns animal roles to students as they take on a predator and/or prey position within the forest environment. Stalk your meal or feel the sometimes frightening reality of the hunt. In the process, participants will learn about animal adaptations, strategies to remain alive and the balance of nature. 


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