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QUIZ: Do You Know Our Captivating Critters?

Take this quiz to find out how well you know the YMCA Camp Bernie Nature Lodge!


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  1. What Camp Bernie animal has red eyes?
  2. Which Camp Bernie animals have the most sensitive skin (hint: they are amphibians)
  3. Which animal in our Nature Lodge is an endangered species? We have a special permit to keep this critter.
  4. What animal comes from an Island in the South Pacific?
  5. We have a total of four of these animals in our Nature Lodge, and the species originates from South America. Can you name them?
  6. Kind of a joke: but which Nature Lodge animal would survive the “zombie apocalypse” according to our resident guru, Nature Kate?
  7. Most people consider them pests, but at Camp Bernie we breed, raise and care for these animals. Who are they?
  8. What animal is particularly sensitive to overheating and cold drafts? (hint: it’s a mammal)
  9. Feared by many, this animal is highly intelligent and can be taught tricks like sitting up or coming when called by name. Who is this?
  10. These are the only siblings in the Nature Lodge, brothers in fact, from the same egg clutch and donated to Camp Bernie by the same family. Who are they?
How to Grade Yourself:
  • 0-2 Correct= “Nature Novice”
  • 3-5 Correct= “Wildlife Wonderer”
  • 6-8 Correct= “Critter Captain”
  • 9-10 Correct= “Animal Ace”
Answer Key:
  1. Bubba the Box Turtle (also currently the longest “tenured” resident of the Nature Lodge)
  2. African Claw Frogs
  3. Checkers the Corn Snake
  4. Monty the Bearded Dragon
  5. Guinea Pigs
  6. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
  7. Mice
  8. Ladybell the Rabbit
  9. Daisy the rat
  10. Beetlejuice and Forest, the Ball Pythons


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