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Reunion Weekend Recap & Top 10 List!

6 weeks later and we are still feeling the buzz from having over 90 campers and a dozen staff members return for our Summer Camp Reunion.


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So many fun things happened that we felt it was worthy of a top ten list of the best moments from reunion 2012. Let these moments be a reminder of why summer 2013 will be a “can’t miss” experience!
#10 Chef Michael coming through big time Saturday night with a fan favorite: Boneless Wings, Mac N Cheese and Dirt Cups for dessert.
#9 Reunion shirts sold out and a new order placed for everyone who missed out. These beauties were forest green and long sleeved featuring the same canoe as the t-shirts from summer.
#8 Jimmy, Anthony, Saige and Tom performing a brand new campfire skit about games that don’t really work in pairs…Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck…..
#7 Finding out the 2013 All Camp Day Themes: Intergalactic Space Odyssey, Greco-Roman Palooza, Wild Wild West & the Adventures of Robin Hood.
#6 Reunion Weekend Flag Football Turkey Bowl Game was an offensive explosion this year: Red Team 42 Yellow Team 30. Game MVPs were camper Eric J. on offense and counselor Brandon on defense with 2 fumble recoveries (not sure how fumbles happen in non-contact football but they did here)!
#5 Sequoia comes through victorious in the weekend theme competition of “Reality TV Land”. Side note: first time we have named the cabins for reunion camp and it led to dining hall cheering on a mid-summer decibel level.
#4 The 2012 CIT class sharing a very public group hug before pick-up, celebrating their official last day as Camp Bernie campers.
#3 Our fabulous staff that do things like this:
#2 Getting this note from a camper the Monday after reunion ended: “2 years ago when my mom suggested sleep-away camp, I was frightened. I never really enjoyed summer camps, let alone being away from home for a week, which I'd never done before either. After my first week being here, I knew I had found a place that gives me love. I stayed another week, and balled my eyes out the day we left. Camp Bernie, you give me everything. I have never had one single negative feeling or emotion at Camp. Thank you for appreciating me as much as you do. Not a day goes by in my life where I don't think of everything you have given me. If it were up to me, I would stay there all summer. Thank you, I love you guys.”
#1 Launching the countdown for summer 2013…159 days, 22 hours, 58 minutes and 32 seconds to go!!