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Top Ten Signs Your Child Might Be Suffering from “Camp Sickness”

While it is possible that your child experienced homesickness, or as we call it “missing home-ness”, during their time at camp this summer, it is also possible that he or she is now experiencing “camp sickness”.


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We are perfectly qualified to diagnose this somewhat common affliction, so without further ado, here are the signs that your child misses summer camp!
  1. Your child is demanding a “rest” hour at 1 PM each day in school. Or better yet, taking a siesta!
  2. He has been regularly asking you during dinner, “what is evening program tonight”? Your response that there is a new episode of “How I Met Your Mother” seems to be unsatisfying to him.
  3. She is craving a “big bopper” and no, this is not just a very dated reference to the 1950s musician of the same name.
  4. He is spontaneously yelling “Mini-Bikes AHHHHH” at the top of his lungs while clearing the table.
  5. You occasionally catch her humming camp songs or doing camp cheers while passing the time, (admit it, this one is actually happening!)
  6. When you praise your child for cleaning his room, he asks if he has won “Golden Broom”, “Silver Scrubber” or “Bronze Brush”?
  7. Your child is not using their cell phone, I-pod or playing video games anymore…ok, ok, maybe that one is a bit far-fetched!
  8. You ask your kids what they want for dinner, and they simply respond with “Chef Michael” (thanks to parent Sue B. for sharing this actual example from her household).
  9. He is watching MTV a lot, but claims it is just for research purposes for next summer.
  10. Has said things to you such as, “I can’t decide if my paddle should have a horse on it or a BMX bike?” Trust us; this is a very reasonable question.


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