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What Our Campers Are Saying!

You know, it’s easy for us at the Camp Bernie office to describe all of the great things about our variety of summer camp programs, but we know deep down that our best and most important critics are our campers themselves. 


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Now that we are past the mid-point of the summer, we have collected some terrific feedback from the kids. We thought it would be fun to share some of the more memorable quotes from their surveys this summer: enjoy!
“My favorite activity was high ropes because it allows me to go against my greatest fear”
12 year old day camper
“The best meal was pancakes or chicken patties or boneless wings or mac n cheese!”
14 year old overnight camper
“I like canoeing. I like being in boats and I also like water”
10 year old day camper
“I’d like you to add a roller coaster……nah, perhaps a swing set”
16 year old overnight camper
“I like Giant Swing because I like swinging and the breeze”
8 year old day camper
“One activity that should be added is having an animal day where people feed the animals in the wild”
8 year old day camper
Question: How can we make camp better?
Answer: “Don’t fix something that ain’t broke”
14 year old overnight camper
“I did not like hiking because I’m lazy and I hate walking”
11 year old day camper
“Every counselor was awesome because they helped us push our limits higher”
8 year old overnight camper


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