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Winter Activities at YMCA Camp Bernie

We often hear from our spring, summer and fall groups this time of year, and they will say things like, “it must be your quiet time at camp”. We say, "think again..." 


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People are quite surprised with our reply that we actually host groups throughout the winter, including a number of Outdoor Education trips. We pride ourselves on the fact that there are virtually no classes offered during the warmer months that can’t be offered in the winter as well. Some of our activities are adaptable to cater to a winter environment and we even have some activities that are completely unique to a colder climate!
Winter Critter Hunt:
While this is often a component to classes like Habitat Hunt or Forest & Field, here we introduce students to the ways in which different organisms cope with the changes that winter brings. We will discuss the different methods of adapting to the colder weather: including dormancy, hibernation, as well as behaviors of animals that remain active during the winter. Did you know that dormant animals slow down their bodily processes and become inactive but their temperatures still remain far above those of hibernators; as a result, black bears may fall into the category of dormancy, not hibernation! We also study winter adaptations for insects and birds and play an active game that can make the subject and importance of an organism’s choice of hibernation location very clear: Animal Antifreeze.
Broom Ball & Tubing:
What winter trip would be complete without some fun, recreational opportunities at camp. Thankfully, YMCA Camp Bernie provides our groups with snow tubes and a safe location for tubing/sledding, including hay bale barriers at the sides and base of the hill. We also have a brand new ice rink that is a winter only construction within the large horseback riding ring. In the rink, kids can ice skate, provided they bring along a pair of skates and they also can use our broom ball equipment to play this popular game similar to hockey!
Winter Survival:
This course is adapted from our regular Wilderness Survival course. Our instructors can cater the class to the specific challenges of surviving the harsh elements of winter. We will emphasize the dangers of hypothermia and discuss ways to combat the chances of suffering from this condition. As always, we will discuss the importance of shelters and will address fire building methods. Some of our instructors will even present options for wild edibles, navigations strategies and ways to obtain drinking water.


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