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"There is a very good energy happenening at Camp Bernie. The couselors and the staff reveal that through their engagement with ourselves and our children."

Camp Bernie Participant

“Your staff was organized and coordinated our trip effectively. We appreciated your flexibility and willingness to tweak the schedule as needed.”

Camp Bernie Camper Parent


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    YMCA Camp Bernie serves outside day groups by contract through the summer. Our variety of program offerings are designed to fit the needs and goals of your group. Our staff will work together with you to plan and execute a memorable summer excursion.  


    We recognize that every group is unique and has very specific needs and goals.  We offer a variety of activities that will provide opportunities for participants to bond and grow together as well as have a great time!   Past day groups have included YMCA Day Camps, Junior Cadets, school/college retreats, Nature Centers and many more. Times and schedules are flexible to fit the travel needs of your day group. Contact  Camp Bernie at 908-832-5315 for more information on summer day group opportunities or to discuss availability of dates.


    Camp Bernie staff love what they do!  They are friendly, engaging and fun, expertly trained and ready to guide your group through a memorable and rewarding camp experience. 


    Summer Activities
    Activities we offer for Day Groups in the summer include:

    New Games Pre-ASEs (Teambuilding Games) ASEs (Teambuilding Challenges)
    Low Ropes Climbing Tower Red Trail Hike/Forest Ecology
    Point Mountain Hike Stream Ecology Sensory
    Vertical Playpen Wilderness Survival Firebuilding
    First Aid Apple Cidering  


    *We can serve Summer Day Groups of up to 60 participants.  These are split into as many as 4 learning groups of around 15 participants.



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